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Our Philosophy

Great food & fantastic friends. We believe these two items go hand in hand (just like a healthy fruit smoothie is the perfect complement to a juicy sandwich.) Delicious food brings people together: we make new friends, we reconnect with old ones. A yummy meal shared amongst people who make us laugh is an experience appreciated in any culture. So drop by our storefront and make a new friend today!

Great Food & Fantastic Friends

Tasty Shack is the newest concept to hit Kapolei, combining two island favorites: FRESH FRUIT SMOOTHIES and BANH MI SANDWICHES. A perfect pairing for a light snack, a meal on-the- go, or a satisfying dinner after a long day at work. Our smoothies are made with real fruits, no preservatives. Choose from a variety of the juicy, nutritious options: pineapple, papaya, mango, lychee, strawberry, jackfruit, avocado, honeydew, and others. Our sandwiches are grilled to perfection. Stuff with meat, and topped with cilantro, cucumber, and a helping of radish.

We believe healthy food can be fresh, tasty, and wonderfully fulfilling. Whether you’re a banh mi aficionado, or trying this delicious sandwich for the first time, Tasty Shack will leave you wanting more!

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